costume design

to some eyes, my personal style is probably a bit out there. I love bold colors, patterns and accessories. In order to access my full creative potential it was only right that i began to experiment with costumes. I love playing with silhouettes and I knew my creations would be able to stand out on camera and live performances.


Short film

Ori Inu: In search of self

Costume Design and Styling by Zunyda

I worked tirelessly with a small deadline to design, sew and style all costumes for the talent. This was my first time working in this capacity but i feel like i mentally prepared myself for the opportunity years before it came. I sourced clothing from local fASHION AND JEWELRY DESIGNERS, MADE SELECTIONS FROM TALENTS WARDROBES TO PULL IT ALL TOGETHER.



“You been poppin since the day i met you” - khalid livingston