Growing up when you fit the skinny and tall narrative there are many echoes of “you should be a model.” and one thing im not a fan of is being told what to do. luckily, it was another way to showcase my everyday style and and a form of self-discovery. My circle of friends is filled with so many talented creatives and I would gladly serve as their muses. one day i would love to take a bit more seriously and drown out some of my self-doubt.


Home portraits

Did my own makeup, had the fresh cut, a little mesh styling and I tested out my new nikon.


Photos by Nakeya Brown

Nakeya Brown’s work is so remarkable. I recently peeped one of her photos on the wall in a scene on issa rae’s show Insecure and I felt so proud! It’s an honor to have worked with her before.These portraits are film. This is also a young Z moment still getting comfortable in front of the lens.


Photos by Adrian

I was sporting this new do when I first discovered crochet braids and felt compelled to try it on myself. It definitely brought out my Afro Latina roots. Adrian captured these moments, Kai Bussant styled, and the legendary Raisa Thomas was on makeup.

SZA’s “Drew Barrymore” Music Video

I submitted my info to an online google casting form saying they were looking for extras. I submitted at the time because I really just needed the money but also SZA. And she was from Jersey too! I didnt know what to expect but It was the most fun experience being on-set. you can see a few of my cameos in the video. Directed by Dave Meyers. Casted by Jenn Nkiru.

Yes thats Sza’s head next to my feet.*


Photos by matt jackson

Captures from two visits in LA. I went to have a change of scenery after a breakup and then I went back again on a solo trip for my birthday. There’s something about the art of film photography that will never get old. Matt has a keen eye for composition.


Photos by Ant Blue

First off ant blue is pioneering what it means to be a multifaceted artist. it was great working with him. These BTS shots are from Moruf’s video for “Tangerine”. Check out the full video he shot. I believe this is one of the first music videos I was featured in.


Photos by Leo Hsu

Visuals manifested by Adenike for Edas Jewels. There was a beautiful video accompanying this shoot that I would love for you to indulge in.


Thee Satisfaction’s “Recognition” Music Video

This was around the time when i was deep into hat making between “zi” Bucket hats and nefertiti crowns. Cat and Stas asked me to be apart of their music video and i was ecstatic. I was put on to their music by a friend when i was in high school and it meant a lot to me to sit up there in a scene representing black excellence. im featured alongside so many legendary black artists all in this piece of visual art directed by artist Tiona mclodden.


Photos by Henny Harmon

Henny is the realest and one of my biggest inspirations. She’s always had an amazing eye and I’ve worked with her countless times. From photoshoots of my designs to her underwater photo series called “Amanzi” Get into her creations.


Photos by Kwesi Abbensetts

Young Z moved to Brooklyn the summer after high school, was interning for Afro-Punk Fest and exploring her creativity in all avenues. I met Kwesi during one of Afro-punk’s events.


Photos by Rae Faith

Rae came over to my sanctuary not long after I moved in. Styled myself on a whim and did my makeup. It was a year of transformation for me and she really captured my energy and newly defined womanhood.

IMG_4409 (1).JPG

Ezrakh’s “Infinite Fabric” Music Video

I was quite proud to do my own hair, makeup and costume styling for this beautiful visual for Ezrakh’s track. The scenery was amazing and I really took a step further out my comfort zone.