visual Art

I was reintroduced to visual arts during junior year of highschool. prior to that i knew i loved visual art but didn’t know i was capable of creating it.

I only enrolled into art class after my clothing construction teacher retired. They completely got rid of the clothing construction program and i didnt know what other elective would peak my interest the same way. once i began taking art my whole world opened up and i almost forgot how much i missed taking the clothing course. my teacher believed in me enough that i was enrolled in AP art + independent study the following year.

i hope to dive deep into painting again and expand my visual art portfolio in my spare time. for now heres some new and old projects!


Newark Printshop Residency 2018

in collaboration with khari johnson-ricks

for this residency. . i was able to merge my favorite things. fashion and art. We brought khari’s digital work to life using the cmyk screen printing method on neoprene fabric which involved meticulously matching up each screen. I used embroidery and quilting techniques to place each component to create the overall piece.