POEM: Everyone's A Hypocrite

2018-07-18 13_52_27.311.JPG

Everyone’s a hypocrite. 
How’s it possible to survive in America and not be one?
People be out here buying followers and sayin they the realest.
Complaining about wages but supporting fast fashion.
Not practicing an ounce of what they preaching.
Selective hearing.
Got you believing what you seein but not questioning what’s underneath it. 
Addicted to shock value but cant value ourselves. 
Say they praying for you when they really passin judgement. 
Promoting self care 
But looking down on those on welfare.
Saying for the culture when they really just a vulture. 
Sayin they conscious but only worried about what’s in they wallet.
Saying they care about earth but don’t even recycle.
Talking about they creative meanwhile stealing from the next dude.
Saying they ya homies when they really can’t stand you. 
Callin you King and Queen just to get a piece of you.

- Zunyda, God’s Creative Power