D.I.Y. | How to Customize Your Skully Hat!

This Is A Quick and Easy Way to Add Some Fun to Your Winter Accessories.

Switch out the googly eyes for rhinestones, letters, numbers, patches, beads or whatever you find! Get Creative!

There are so many simple ways to transform your wardrobe to embody your personality.

This was a personal goal of mine for a long time and all it took was two minutes and thirty seconds to make it a reality.

But it also took the effort, believing in myself and conquering self doubt. This year I vowed to run towards everything that scares me. You know that feeling that makes you want to retreat back into your comfort zone….. Yes. That one! I realize that I can’t grow into the person I know I am capable of being if I stay in my comfort zone. I am proud of this moment! I shot and edited this on my phone.

We all have the same tools it’s up to you how you choose to use them!